In the EYE Santander 2022 there will be spaces to share with the other participants the European values we all identify with and the commitment as young people to create a positive change in our society.  




The motto of the European Union is “Unity in Diversity”. We want to celebrate it with a moment where all young people come together and share with the city of Santander our commitment to be citizens who believe in European values and who want to create a positive impact on the society of the present and the future.


The 700 participants of the event will come together on the first day before the opening event for a flag parade. A symbolic moment where we will all walk through the streets of the city of Santander in the colours of Europe and its countries. The parade of flags is a celebration that demonstrates the cultural unity and at the same time the diversity of Europe.




We want to give visibility to your organisation and also to let you know the work of different youth organisations that act in favour of different objectives, so that you can be informed and even be part of them. During this activity, the organisations will have the opportunity to share their work with the participants and the citizens of Santander. A fair of associations and organisations will be organised to explain their objectives, purpose and impact on local and European youth. Participants will be able to interact with the representatives of each entity and consult their areas of action. 


The fair will be set up in a place open to the public, a square, where between sessions and activities the participants and the citizens of Santander will be able to stop and discover the commitment of each youth organisation.




This event will place great value on the exchange of ideas and contacts so that young people can come together and create projects for the Europe of today and tomorrow. For this reason, there will be a dedicated room where participants can meet physically, network, debate among themselves, or design a joint project.

En el EYE Santander 2022 habrá espacios para compartir con las otras participantes valores europeos en los que todos nos identificamos y el compromiso como personas jóvenes de crear un cambio positivo en nuestra sociedad.