How can young people build the present and the future of the European Union?

This will be the space to debate, exchange ideas, propose solutions to real problems, simulate a parliamentary session, and much more!


As this is an event organized by young people for young people, the program will be co-created by participants and the organizing team. We want to create a space for a diverse, creative, and interactive agenda. This means that both participants and experts will be able to propose sessions according to their preferred methodology. There will be debates, inspirational talks, sessions to create joint projects, simulations, etc.


The agenda of the event will be based on 5 thematic pillars, identified through the youth survey launched in May to detect the topics that young people were most interested in addressing at the EYE Santander:


  1. Climate action and climate change;
  2. Youth participation;
  3. European values;
  4. Europe in the world;
  5. Mental health and wellbeing.

The sessions proposed by the participants will be intertwined with sessions offered by MEPs, youth organisations, experts, and activists. Only one requirement: the persons guiding, leading, and conducting the sessions will have to be under 35 years old, with the sole exception of sessions with high-level representatives who can listen to and discuss with young people their proposals for change.


Climate change

  • Global warming;
  • Sustainable development and growth;
  • Sustainable and KM0 production.

How this applies to youth: Promotion of sustainable modes of transport; promotion of habits that care for our environment; solutions for overproduction; raising awareness of the climate crisis; improving the Green Pact, exposure of the latest EU measures towards the issue, etc.


Youth participation

  • Participation in thedemocratic process;
  • Explanation of the EU and participation in the EU political environment;
  • Active participation of youth in communities;
  • Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps

How this applies to European youth: integration activities in the communities of reference; raising awareness of the importance of youth participation in decision-making at local, national, and European levels; consultation measures for young people; development of social and cultural competencies; Erasmus+ program; importance of volunteering; etc.



European values

Mobility policies and projects;

Promotion of European values in all EU Member States;

Dissemination of European values;

How this applies to European youth: activities and partnerships to bring isolated and rural areas closer to European values; activities to promote and strengthen the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ as a measure to disseminate European values; exchange ideas on public and multilingual media that can promote European values; etc.


Europe in the world

  • Changes in decision-making methodologies;
  • European Diplomatic School;
  • Green Diplomacy;
  • Reception policies

How this applies to European youth: debate and exchanges of ideas on the European Union’s external action; activities for the integration of refugees; creation of international start-ups, etc.


Mental health and well-being

  • Youth access to health and well-being measures;
  • European policies on mental health and functional diversity;
  • European Health Insurance Card…

How this applies to European youth: investment of funds for youth access to mental health professionals; exchange of good practices between health systems; measures to manage the stress burden; solutions to deal with stress due to COVID-19; etc…

In addition to focusing on these topics, other themes such as quality education, diversity and inclusion, sustainable development goals, etc. will be addressed. We will also take this opportunity to celebrate the European Year of Youth and the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme.

Some of the sessions will require prior registration, while others will be open for participants to come and go as they wish. Participants will be able to join and participate in various sessions and discussions prepared by outsiders or other young participants, where they will be able to share, learn, debate, and work together. The EYE Santander 2022 will definitely be interactive and created by all.

Foto del European Youth Event (EYE 2021)