Enjoy Europe

These are not just sessions! During this event you can also participate in different activities to relax or enjoy the scenery and activities that Santander has to offer. All this will allow you to live a unique experience and share it with other young people.




The event will also feature health and wellness activities, offered simultaneously to the sessions. These will include:

  • Yoga and pilates sessions;
  • A chill out room;
  • Sports activities;
  • Workshops on Km0 and sustainable food.




Santander has several lovely beaches and many surf schools where young people enjoy the waves all year round. The European Parliament Office in Spain will fund a surfing and adapted surfing class for participants who register for the activity, making the activity 100% accessible to any young person. 




To make the experience as complete as possible, guided tours of the city of Santander will be offered throughout the event, highlighting the city’s cultural heritage and the way in which Santander is promoting sustainable development in the European context.




The EYE Santander will also be a party to celebrate youth. A stage will be set up on the event’s premises, where all kinds of concerts and shows will take place, highlighting the local and European musical tradition and giving space to young authors and their work.




During the event an artist will create a mural together with all the participants, which will connect youth to Europe and will leave a memory of the event and European values in the city. 


During the EYE Santander, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the work of the EU and the value of youth for the development of the EU;
  • learn more about the value of active citizenship at local, regional, national, and EU level;
  • listen to the voice of young experts on the European Union, youth, education, etc….;
  • acquire new perspectives, ideas, etc. proposed by external speakers that will help you in the creation of new projects and in the future activities of your organisation, as well as enrich your life; interact with experts and voice the concerns of today’s youth;
  • draw attention to issues of interest to your organisation; share good practices, talk about the most important youth challenges and find solutions together; develop new projects and initiatives.

This event will be a place where all those involved in shaping or influencing youth will come together in one place to listen and lear

Foto del European Youth Event (EYE 2021)